I have just returned from a long trip in the US. The initial idea was to attend COSMO 2014 in Chicago, and then stop by a few places to present my PhD work. I ended up travelling three weeks.  This was a truly life-changing experience, thanks to the amazing people I have met, and gorgeous departments I have discovered. Thank you everyone! I am putting a few pictures below. Can you recognise all these places?

IMG_20140824_180440 IMG_20140824_185751 IMG_20140825_080030 IMG_20140828_171732 IMG_20140901_203235 IMG_20140904_192216 IMG_20140906_130627 IMG_20140907_125815 IMG_20140907_131144-EFFECTS IMG_20140907_133121 IMG_20140908_155520 IMG_20140909_104803 IMG_20140909_114458 IMG_20140909_184241